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Our childbirth education classes are inspired by the Healthy Birth Practices of the World Health Organization.  You deserve to gain the right tools to labor confidently with a greater understanding of your body.  We offer an interactive and engaging class with many hands-on activities.  Whether you are going for your first natural birth, VBAC, or another kind of birth, you will receive evidence-based information to empower you with knowledge to make the best informed decisions, fully aware of the benefits and drawbacks involved.           

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We will work to empower and support you on your unique journey of giving birth. Staying by your side as your advocates, we provide you with reassurance and confidence, while bringing our knowledge in the field to help you make informed decisions and achieve the fulfilling experience you seek.

Benefit from our antepartum and postpartum doula services, as well.   You will receive our continuous dedicated support before and after labor.       

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