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The time of birth is a sacred moment.  Being a mother of two boys and having experienced the wonder of their childbirth, I strive to empower the women and their partners to have the best experience that will enrich their lives with cherished memories.  At my own childbirth, I had a doula present, which proved to be a formative experience in my life, my awareness, and my calling to carry on this passion in my own doula work.  I carry that gift with me each time I am present at my client's birth.  


I completed my training with Tranquil Transitions for Placenta Encapsulation, rooted in the traditional Chinese method.  I follow safe-handling of the placenta in accordance with the protocols of contemporary blood pathology training.  I received my doula training from Doulas of North America (DONA). I love supporting women and their partners in the birth path they view as ideal for them, including natural birth, medicated birth, C-section or VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean).  


In addition, I have been a teacher of yoga/meditation for over 20 years, and I understand the value of inner balance in the birth support practice.  I have been privileged to provide this insight to a number of my clients, and I have shared the amazement in witnessing the powerful boost of energy and confidence it gives to the mother at the hour of need.

As a professional doula, I attend workshops, conferences and seminars to keep up with the latst practices and standards in our field.  

Doula work is a passion with which I fully immerse myself each time, and it is my honor to share the sacred time of birth with you from the moment we start working together.

Network Doula Support
BirthTime Chicago is honored to participate in the Lake Cook Doula Network that serves the north and northwest Chicagoland area.  Our network support ensures that you are in the hands of a great team of doula professionals who provide stable backup and a variety of services to cover the client's needs 360 degrees.  By choosing BirthTime, you get more than just a reliable team that ensures you are taken care of with backup support in labor and postpartum; you also find an abundance of resources, contacts, wisdom and experience of a local doula collective. 

Cristina Berchez, CD(DONA)

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