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Belly Binding

What is out there for women who seek to have a strong physical recovery from the effects of labor? Consider the ancient technique of Bengkung Belly Binding. Applying a specially wrapped fabric around the rib cage, the specialist creates additional support for the new mother in the stomach and pelvis muscles, reducing their stretchiness and halting their expansion. With the firm support of correct posture and of the stomach walls, this method allows the organs to retract to their original position before pregnancy.


Often after delivering her baby, as the joy of childbirth still pulsates within her being, the new mother begins to experience physical challenges that exist alongside those exhilarating emotions. Being pregnant oftentimes creates such discomforting side-effects as backpain and swelling in the abdomen.  After the birth, the process of shrinking back of the stomach can be slow and strenuous.


The ancient technique of Belly Binding (or post-pregnancy wrap) exists to alleviate the discomfort and facilitate the woman’s recovery process. This practice is very beneficial when done within four to five days of giving birth. Women who experience muscle separation many months after delivery, as well as women seeking to strengthen their spine, may benefit strongly from it. Women affected by diastasis recti have been known to be healed with the steady application of this supportive wrap of Bengkung Belly Binding.

BirthTime offers a hands-on workshop in which we not only perform the belly-binding on the woman, but also teach the partner the technique to make sure the benefit of belly-binding can be steady and long-lasting.  The wrap comes included.

belly binding gives more than just the ergobaby or babybjorn
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