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Childbirth Education Classes

Medical interventions have come to dominate so much of the experience of giving birth that we can oftentimes feel overwhelmed and overpowered by them.  Birthing naturally remains a viable option that we strive to support and maintain for expecting mothers.  While we do not rule out the need for technology and professional care, the goal of our classes is to restore the faith in our own body's natural ability to give birth - we have been doing it for thousands of years!  

Cristina Berchez teaches the course with a focus on evidence-based information which empowers women to create the plan of birth that feels right for them, and to be able to advocate for themselves with confidence.  With proficiency in various methods of instruction, Cristina weaves the best of various birthing philosophies to help you draw from best research, sources, authors, studies and engaging curriculum of the course.  

Whether you are a first-time parent, VBAC, going for a Cesarean, second- or third-time parent, this class is designed to give you the right tools you need to take informed decisions that fit the particular circumstances of your birth experience.

women and partners in Lamaze birth education class
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