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pregnant moms breathing in birth class with doula

Birth Doula Services:


Having a birth doula is incredibly beneficial for women who are expecting and would like to have support.  Whether a woman wishes to be more confident and empowered during labor, undergoing a difficult pregnancy, or seeking companionship and reassurance, a birth doula will be a great aid at your side.  With her training and expertise, a birth doula will provide care through late pregnancy, labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period.  


Prenatal Support
Before the birth, a doula will provide detailed counseling about labor. She will help you formulate birth preferences and be a reliable guide. The doula will also help you manage any complications arising during pregnancy,
and lead you to regain emotional stability.


At Birth
The Doula is on call 24/7 during the last stages of pregnancy. She stays by
your side to support you by sharing wisdom, providing crucial information and an objective viewpoint at key moments during labor. The doula also provides emotional and physical relief with massage, postures, and
relaxation methods.

After the birth, the doula remains with you for immediate postpartum period to provide breastfeeding support. She gives hands-on guidance in nurturing the newborn during home visitation.



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