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"Cristina came highly recommended from a dear friend of mine, and we were so happy to find her! My husband and I, both thought she was the best person to have in the delivery room. So calm, soft spoken and very knowledgeable. This was our first baby and we were both nervous and overwhelmed(obviously!). But Cristina made it much more manageable. Per her recommendation, I labored at home for couple of hours for the early labor instead of running to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital, she was right there with us. She was talking to me, encouraging me, massaging me, doing everything that could ease the pain. Even though I took the epidural eventually, it didnt work right away and I had back labor. My husband was freaking out seeing me in so much pain. I cannot imagine how we would have gone through those hours till finally the epidural worked if Cristina wasnt there to support and calm my husband. She was truly fantastic and we couldnt have done it without her! I highly recommend her and I know we'll get back to her for our next baby for sure!"

   ~Amruta V. (Chicago)

"We had Cristina as our doula and I highly recommend her.  She is very knowledgeable and remained a calming presence throughout my labor.  She gave me great suggestions for making my labor go smoothly from our very first meeting and was a terrific help with writing my birth plan. On the big day she arrived at the hospital very quickly.  It made a huge difference having her there and I feel bad for anyone who delivers a baby without a great doula. They are missing out!  She gave me suggestions on positions to try to make me more comfortable and how to push more effectively without feeling like she was stepping on anyone's toes.  At our postpartum visit she even helped me figure out how to use my Moby wrap.  So happy Cristina was with us on our special day!"

   ~Rachel C. (Hinsdale)


I wanted the birth of my second child to be a special experience for me, and I was looking for a doula who would assist me in that. Cristina was all that I expected and more. She was not only very knowledgeable but also guided me patiently through that entire time, never leaving my side. Just as I wished, my baby was born naturally, and I was fully aware of the beautiful miracle taking place. This is exactly what my husband and I were looking forward to. Every time I go back in my mind to that room where I labored for 8 hours, I know in my heart that Cristina helped me find that inner strength and focus which let me remain calm and confident. I can say with confidence that I could have never done it without her. Not only me, but my husband felt accepted and supported by her, too. Our family is grateful to Cristina for everything, and we couldn’t wish for a better doula.”

   ~Adina C. (Libertyville)


"Cristina assisted me with delivery this past June, 2015 at the Lutheran General in Park Ridge.  This was my third child coming.  My first two daughters were born without a doula, and simply put: what a difference!  With Cristina there, I could completely relax knowing I was in good hands.  In this birth, I found myself able to completely let go of all worries associated with hospitals and procedures.  I felt fully supported by my doula and could focus deeper on the actual experience of the birth. My labor lasted over 8 hours, and Cristina was by my side the whole time.  She knew what she was doing - making me walk and sit in good positions throughout the contractions, and saying words of wisdom and encouragement that were just right.  I am so glad I got to experience giving birth this way, and I wish for other moms to have the same.  Cristina is a great doula and an ocean of knowledge for moms-to-be."

~Geta (Des Plaines)

"Cristina was fantastic as my doula! She helped me achieve my non medicated VBAC without any interventions. Even though we literally met for the first time the afternoon I went into labor, I was completely comfortable with her and she made me feel at ease. She never left my side, and made sure I was as comfortable as possible, whether it was providing water, massages, hot/cold packs, to suggesting position changes to alleviate pain and help things progress. She was calm and reassuring, and provided emotional support during the toughest moments."

   ~Crystal J. (Oak Lawn)

"Cristina came in rescue at last minute when I realized that we are not able to do this alone. She stayed overnight with me in the hospital for the entire stay. I would've not survived and recovered as good as I did through my hospital stay without Cristina. She's amazing with the baby and help to communicate my needs to nurse and doctors. Highly recommend her service!"

~Mo Z. (Chicago)

"I've given Cristina 5/5. Right from initiating contact till visiting me postpartum, she has been proactive, punctual and courteous. My husband and I found her to be calm, reliable and level- headed. Her knowledge about Ayurveda and herbalism is astounding and she fitted well in our Indian family. I had an un-medicated, vaginal delivery (I labored for 24 hours) and I would give most of the credit to Cristina. She made me walk the corridors of the hospital and stay active which helped labor progress. I had long active labor and that is when we found her most valuable. She tirelessly provided me with comfort measures. My husband and mother could take breaks because she was continuously by my side. Her presence helped them remain calm."

                                                                            ~Apurva P. (Evanston)


Our Douala was phenomenal. She came to our house when my wife's labor started to get intense and went to the hospital with us. She stayed with us for about 13 hours coaching and supporting both of us through the birth of out daughter. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

                                                                              ~Andrew R. (Northbrook)


"Cristina was wonderful to have as a resource during my pregnancy and afterwards.  She was extremely helpful in partnering with us to put together a birth plan - bringing up things that we needed to make deicisions on that we didn't even know about (i.e. like the timing of cord clamping).  She educated us throughout the process and ultimately and most importantly she is a very kind person that brings a calming energy to the room."


~Katie M. (Evanston)

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