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mother and baby close skin contact

Just like labor doula, postpartum doula in the hospital provides continuous care and is right by your side to assist you with key early breastfeeding support, bringing the baby to you, changing diapers, supplying snacks and water or just holding your baby so you can get the rest that you need.  Our doula works collaboratively with hospital staff to look after the mom's emotional, physical and logistical needs, while the hospital staff covers the medical.

The moms who benefit from this service the most are those who have Cesareans, planned or unplanned; those who went through difficult labor or are on any type of medication; and those moms whose partners might not be available.


Hospital Overnight Stay

As the hospitals are fast on track to meet the

Baby-Friendly-Initiative requirements, they are phasing out their healthy baby nursery services.  More and more, mandatory rooming is becoming the norm for the mom and baby to stay together immediately after birth.  Our hospital overnight stay services will help ease that transition, as you regain your strength after delivery

mom rests after delivery in hospital bed with doula providing care
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