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Placenta Encapsulation Reviews

"Cristina provided placenta encapsulation services for me after the birth of my first child. While I initially had my doubts about the effectiveness of consuming the placenta, I'm so glad I ultimately decided to have the capsules made by Cristina. I'm a month postpartum and am feeling great. My energy level has been good since I started taking the capsules and I seem to have "bounced back" from delivery very quickly. I can't attribute this to the capsules exclusively, but I'm sure they helped. 

I'm happy to have worked with Cristina on this -- she answered all of my initial questions about the process, was flexible and patient with us in scheduling a time to prepare the placenta in our home, and has been thorough with her follow-up. Her fee for the encapsulation service was very reasonable, and she provided helpful advice on other postpartum issues during her visit to our home. I'd definitely recommend Cristina for anyone looking for placenta encapsulation specifically our doula services more generally. 

Thank you, Cristina!"


~Sara (Chicago)

"I wanted a placenta done but was undecided hearing about the different methods.  I got in touch with Cristina, and she was highly knowledgeable about the various nuances.  Because she was able to put it in laymens terms without dumbing it down, Cristina really helped me understand all the safety concerns.  I never felt pushed or talked down to, but thanks to Cristina’s explanation, I was able to put aside my doubts and go with the Chinese steaming method.  Cristina did it over the course of two visits in my home.  She behaved very professionally, answering questions, giving instruction and - most importantly for me - without disturbing the atmosphere of peace and serenity I wanted for my newborn.  The placenta pills themselves helped me a lot: I felt energetic and in a good mood.  Good amount of milk runs in my family, but I am sure the pills also helped.  I recommend Cristina’s services to anyone seeking placenta encapsulation."

~Yvonne (Evanston)

"I got home from the hospital after long labor feeling tired, sore and overwhelmed with the breastfeeding. Cristina came over to finish my placenta pills that night. She stayed to spend a lot of time showing me different breastfeeding positions and answered all my questions. The pills were great, I got plenty of milk and a boost of energy most of the times I took them. I heartily recommend placenta encapsulation with Cristina, she is professional, knowledgeable and very patient with new mothers."

~Ewelina (Park Ridge)

"Cristina did our placenta encapsulation for us for my first birth. She was so responsive, professional, and supportive. I had a c-section and so I was unable to meet her in person when she made the pills for us, but she met with my mother and husband and provided them with information and support. Because I was readmitted to the hospital with an infection, i got an opportunity to take the pills, not take them for 2 weeks (lingering infection and antibiotics) and then take them again. Because of that, I had an opportunity to compare postpartum recovery both taking and not taking the placenta pills - well I definitely felt the difference with the pills! More emotional stability, more energy (which I needed thanks to my lowered hemoglobin levels from surgery). Cristina even talked to me on the phone when I got home from the hospital the second time to answer any lingering questions I had regarding resuming taking my pills post c-section. I'll definitely use her services again for my next birth!"

                                                                            ~Lina (Glenview)

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